Zanaria Auction – Focus On The “Cavallini” Of Sardinia

In 1818, in order to facilitate the payment of the correspondence in the Kingdom of Sardinia, the post office’s management conceived the “Carta Postale Bollata”. It was a double sheet that, in the middle of one page, showed a Cupid playing the horn on a galloping horse, placed above the value of the corresponding franking. It was, in fact, the first example of prepaid correspondence, ancestor of the modern stamp, more than 20 years prior to the Mulready and the Penny Black. Two issues of three values ​​each were created: 15c, 25c and 50c. The first, temporary, with had the emblem printed in blue on commercial paper. The second, definitive, was printed on custom made paper with watermark of the “Direzione Generale delle Regie Poste”, where the emblem was embossed. The “Cavallini”, or “little horses”, as they are commonly referred to, are not common to be found and highly praised, as they are the foreword of every stamp collection. They usually show a fold on the emblem due to the way they were commonly folded. Copies in good conditions, with light or absent fold are particularly rare. In this auction we are glad to present two copies of the first issue (lot 351 and 352) and six of the second issue (lots 353, 354, 355, 356, 357 and 358), all in very good conditions. Among these, all extremely valuable, two deserve a particular mention, due to their destination: lot 352: a copy of the 50c, first series, sent from “GALLIAVOLA” “Per Espresso” to Milan. This is an extremely rare example of a “Cavallino” of the first issue addressed abroad. Probably unique, it is proposed at a starting price of € 4.000; and lot 357: 50c, definitive issue, also from “GALLIAVOLA” to Milan (abroad) “per Espresso”. Here again this is a very rare piece, proposed starting from € 2,700.