COD. 1159

UFFICI ITALIANI ALL ESTERO 1863 - mixed franking on cover to il Cairo (Egypt)

 1863 - Italy: 40c carmine rose, London type+1874/75 Egypt - 1p red perforated 12+1/2, mixed franking on cover to il Cairo (Egypt) and cancelled with numeral dot postmark "14" of "LIVORNO 8 GIU 72" on both copies. The Egyptian stamp used by the sender to pay the delivery between Alessandria d'Egitto and Cairo to avoid fees to the receiver, has been cancelled in transit with circular cancellation "V.R. POSTE EGIZIANE/ALESSANDRIA 13 GIU 72" Very interesting example of descending route Sorani certificate (Sassone L20+YV 17A - Zanaria Serra 5.000)

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