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 The Italian Postal Tariffs from 1862 to 1878 - D. ZANARIA - G. SERRA - The most complete work dedicated to Italian rates at the time of Vittorio Emanuele Il. Clear summary charts show to the reader every rate and their evolution from 1862 to 1878: ordinary letters, registered letters, printed matters and samples are listed in chronological order, very easy to find. The list begins in 1862, date of the Italian postal reform, and it also take into account the hard period of transition towards the unity of Italy and the gradual changeover to Savoy's stamps for all different provinces: from Emilia to Tuscany, from Lombardy to Naples. A wide part of the book is dedicated to rates to every possible foreign destination, including Papal States and Venetia, not yet annexed Italian territories. This work represents a fundamental tool for the expert and for the postal history lover. Authors: D. ZANARIA - G. SERRA - Year: 1985 - 104 p. - in italian - black and white

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