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PAPAL STATES 1852-1870

Club de Montecarlo de l'Elite de Philatelie
 PAPAL STATES 1852-1870 - This work, published by the "Club de Monte-Carlo de l'Elite de la Philatelie" wuth the support of the Banca Popolare Italiana, proposes the most important group of covers and stamps of the Papal States, as it was realized in Monacophil 2006. Thirty five collectors and institutions have made available over 630 pieces, selected and described in three languages by Alberto Barcella, Giorgio Bizzarri and Angelo Zanaria, with the help of Mario Zanaria, The book is made by four main chapters, one for each issue in which the main features of each denominations are described and the most important pieces shown, and the last one dedicated to the fall of Rome taken by the Italian troops in September 1870, which marked the end of the State and of its stamps. This book is probably the most important ever realized in this field. - Authors: A. Barcella, G. Bizzarri, A. Zanaria, M. Zanaria - Published by the Club de Montecarlo de l'Elite de Philatelie with the support of Banca Popolare Italiana - 480 colour pages, hard cover texts in French, English and Italian

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