Zanaria Auction Focus On Some Rarities On Sale

For this auction we are lucky to be able to propose several very rare and prestigious lots. We want to focus on some of them that we find particularly interesting: LOMBARDY VENETIA Lot 36: St. Andrew’s cross on cover – starting price 40.000 Euro
This is a fantastic cover franked with a red 15c of the Ist issue, hand paper, 3rd type, that has on the bottom a complete Saint Andrew’s cross. These were made to make the counting of stamps in sheet a bit easier, and there were 8 of them on a sheet of 240 copies. They are always very difficult to be found and are excessively rare in these conditions. This cover is proposed at a base price of 40.000 euro over a Sassone valuation of 225.000. Lot 119: Red Mercury, – starting price 45.000 Euro
Contrary to the ordinary issues, the Austrian administration didn’t realized separate stamps in Austria and Lombardy Venetia for newspapers, for which both states used the same values. Among these ones, the rarest is the red 6kr (equivalent to 30 centes in Lombardy Venetia), referred to as “Red Mercury of which none are known used in Lombardy Venetia. The one for auction is particularly fresh, has original gum and is one of the finest copies known. It will be auctioned starting from 45.000 Euros, with a valuation of Sassone catalog of 330.000 PAPAL STATES Lot 292: Essay for the IV issue – starting price € 5.000
In 1868 the Papal States postal administration commissioned to the artist Cesare Mariani the study for a new set of stamps in centesimi, to substitute the one issued in 1867.The artist proposed the subjects of “Cupids holding the Papal tiara”, of which some mini sheets of 10 specimen were printed, in different color on different papers. All are very rare, the one for auction, printed in emerald green on white paper, is particularly difficult to find SICILY Lot 512: 20gr horizontal pair on cover –starting price € € 12.500
Beautiful cover sent from “MESSINA 1859 18 SETT” to Wurzburg (Baviera) 1859, franked with a pair of the 2 grana light blue, Ist plate (pos.49-50) and a pair of 20gr slate violet (pos.15-16). Multiples of the 20 grana are rare, in combination with an interesting and uncommon destination and in such great quality it becomes an incredible opportunity for a collector of Sicily. It is sold starting from 12.500 Euro, over a Sassone valuation of 54.000 TRIESTE Lot 1339 – “Pinocchio” overprinted, unused – starting price € 8.000
Stamp originally issued in italy to celebrate Carlo Lorenzini (a.k.a. Collodi), the 25L carmine rose was overprinted “AMG-FTT” for use in Trieste but, in the end, was not issued. Commonly called “Pinocchio” (from the novel that Collodi is famous for), this example, with original gum and particularly well-preserved, is valued on the Sassone 30.000 Euros and is offered for sale starting from €8,000. VENEZIA GIULIA Lot 1385 – violet 10k with hand overprint with changed characters – starting price € 12.500
In 1918, following the victory of Vittorio Veneto, Italians occupied Trentino and Venezia Giulia. In the beginning they used Austrian stamps of 1916/18,and overprinted “Regno d’Italia / Venezia Giulia “3. XI. 18.”. The 10k with a hand overprint that shows different letters is the rarest of the set and one of the most difficul stamps of the whole collection of Italian stamps. The copy proposed for sale, used in “Trieste” and still attached to a fragment of the original document, is one of the nicest copies known. It is valued more than 110.000 Euro by Sassone and it is on sale from 12.500 AUSTRIA AND LEVANTE Lot 3004: 9 Kr widest distance – starting price € 7.500
Incredible and formerly unknown copy of the Ist issue 9kr light blue, hand paper, Ist type P27, with WIDEST DISTANCE between 9 and K (1,2mm). This copy has wide margins all around and original gum, which makes it a great rarity of Austria. There are only two copies of this stamp known with original gum Lot 3011: downward mixed franking Autria – Egypt – starting price: € 27.500
A beautiful postal stationery 5kr red, with further franked with a 10kr blue and a 15kr brown of the V issue of Austria, sent from “WIENER NEUSTADT 3/5” 1867 to Cairo, via Trieste and Alexandria of Egypt. Here an Egypt 1p black on rose was applied to cover the local fare, and cancelled “POSTE VICE REALI EGIZIANE”. Fabulous downward mixed franking, only combination known to date, one of the most beautiful covers from Austria to Egypt, already part of the collection of Ing. Provera GREAT BRITAIN Lot 3028: Collection related to the engagement of British troops in the Crimean war – starting price: € 4.000
Great lot of fourteen covers and some used stamps relative to the engagement of British troops in the Crimean war. There are many very interesting presences, among which the first known date of the handstamp “CHOBAM-CAMP” (first ever to show the word “CAMP”), covers from the Franco/British expedition corps in the Baltic sea and from several British Military post offices, including one of the “British German Legion”. Absolutely interesting collection in good conditions, especially considering the particular field.