For this auction we are lucky to be able to propose several very rare and prestigious lots. We want to focus on some of them that we find particularly interesting:

Lot. 23 - 1850 - 15c pink II type, block of 11 “chair shaped” from "BERGAMO 4.5.52" to Lodi. Perfect conditions, very rare, this is the largest block known to date with this cancellation. Sassone values it over € 193.000, starting price will be €15.000

Lot. 325
- 1853/4 - 5c yellow green and 20c light blue of the III issue, in mixed franking with 40c pink of the II issue, from "NIZZA MARITTIMA 7 DIC. 54" to Udine. Very rare, only two letters known with this franking by Sassone catalogue. Starting price € 10.000

Lot. 352 -
1861 - 3L copper, 80c yellow orange, three copies, and 10c bistro yellowish from “GENOVA 23 SET 63” to Valparaiso with transits “TORINO 23 SEPT 63”, “VALENCIENNES BELG. 25 SEPT 63”, “LONDON SEP 26 63”, “PANAMA OC 22 63”. Very rare, interesting and nice combination. Valued € 316.500 on the Sassone Catalogue, it is offered with a starting price of € 12.500

Lot. 407 - 1859 - 3L yellow ochre, large horizontal margins, “perfect”. Valued € 220.000 by Sassone and it is on sale from € 12.000